About Us

The Wilhaggin Del Dayo Neighborhood Association is a nonprofit organization run by resident volunteers. Our sole purpose is to enhance and protect the safety and security of our neighborhood's residents and property. To do this, we collect member dues and use these funds to contract with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department to provide armed officers in marked vehicles to patrol our streets.
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Organization - How we are organized.
Board of Directors - Information about our volunteer board of directors.
Patrol Program - Information about the armed patrols our association supports.
Patrol Map - A map of the area covered by the Wilhaggin Del Dayo Neighborhood Association.
Member Benefits -  A list of benefits provided to our members.
National Night Out -   Annual event held at Ashton Park.
History - A history of the Wilhaggin area and the WDDNA.
Bylaws - How we are regulated.
Financial Report- How funds are spent.