Our organization was founded in 2006 by a group of Wilhaggin residents concerned about a recent uptick of crime in the neighborhood. The volunteers held a town hall meeting, during which some 100 attendees agreed that they wanted to hire off-duty Sheriff’s Department deputies to patrol the streets.
The group formed the Wilhaggin Neighborhood Association wrote bylaws, obtained a 501c4 tax designation, set up a bank account and collected dues. They went door-to-door soliciting members. Membership was soon more than 300 households. The association was able to contract with the Sheriff’s Department for patrols a few days a week. The results were positive and criminal activity was reduced.
Then, in 2010, residents of the Del Dayo area approached the board to incorporate their neighborhood into the association, as well. The board agreed. The organization name changed to the Wilhaggin Del Dayo Neighborhood Association and membership soon doubled. The additional dues allowed WDDNA to increase the number of patrols. The organization now has patrols seven days a week and membership is well over 900 households.
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