Its About Security
Founded in 2006, the Wilhaggin Del Dayo Neighborhood Association is a 501c4 nonprofit volunteer organization. Our sole mission is to hire armed, off-duty Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies to patrol our neighborhood in marked vehicles.
Our organization is managed entirely by a volunteer board of directors who live in the neighborhood. We have no paid staff, no physical office, no office equipment or facilities.
Our patrols serve as a powerful deterrent and are the only regular law enforcement patrols in our neighborhood.
Sheriff’s deputies assert that maintaining high law enforcement visibility is key to making would-be criminals feel less secure about targeting our homes. Our year-round patrols help keep undesirables in check.  In addition, our deputies respond within minutes to 911 emergency and non-emergency calls routed to them by the county’s dispatch center. 
The breadth of the security patrols provided by the Wilhaggin Del Dayo Neighborhood Association is unequaled by any other neighborhood association in Sacramento County. We believe that is one reason ours is among the safest neighborhoods in the county.
But this powerful weapon against crime is dependent on the support of our neighbor members. Membership dues are essential to maintaining our patrols.
What does the association do?
We collect member dues and use these funds to contract with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department to provide armed officers in marked vehicles to patrol our streets.
What area does the association cover?
Our neighborhood is bounded by the American River on the South, Fair Oaks Boulevard on the north, Wilhaggin Drive (and its attached streets) on the west and Arden Way on the east.
How is the association organized?
Our organization has formal nonprofit status as a 501c4. It is registered as Wilhaggin Neighborhood Association, doing business as Wilhaggin Del Dayo Neighborhood Association.
What services does WDDNA provide?
Members can request vacation monitoring of their homes. Each month, members receive an electronic newsletter with valuable security information, as well as a twice-monthly compilation of the daily reports filed by our deputies. We issue special security alerts as needed and all members have access to our password-protected website, which has useful information about home security and local government agencies.
What are the association dues?
Our annual dues are $300.
How are my dues used?
Approximately 92% of dues are used to pay for the off-duty Sheriff’s deputy patrols that, due to staffing priorities, are generally not provided by the Sheriff’s Department. The remainder covers the cost of insurance, accounting and banking fees, a post office box, printing and postage, WDDNA street signs and operating our website and email systems.
Wilhaggin Del Dayo Neighborhood Assn.
P.O. Box 2273
Carmichael, CA 95609